Model-R870 Bug Vacuum



The battery powered Bug Vacuum can take spiders off ceilings, walls and from almost anywhere. Simple point and press operation vacuums up live bugs without harm. No harmful chemicals, no dead bugs smashed against your wall, and less chance of being bitten or stung. Includes safety cap to prevent escape of stinging insects for safe removal. Ideal for home, RV, cabin, boat, garden, and kids.

Simply wait for the insect to settle, then press the button to start the motor while carefully approaching the bug. When close enough, carefully hold the tube over the insect to suck it into the catch tube. While the motor is on, turn the Bug Vacuum upright so the open end is pointing upwards preventing the insect from crawling out. Replace the cap at the end of the tube. Then take the insect outside and safely release.

- Catch Spiders, Bees, Wasps and other bugs safely.
- Simple point and press operation.
- Operates on one 9V Battery (Not Included).
- LED light will light up those dangerous Bugs.
- Light weight and portable design.
- No dangerous sprays or poisons needed.
- No more messy splatter on walls or ceilings.
- Effective Pest Control Treatment.


Weight: 188 g

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