Model F-35 Fly Trap (Indoor)


The Model F-35 Glue Board Fly Trap features a discrete, decorative design that allows it to blend in with any decor and avoid customer detection.

The unit uses ultraviolet black light technology combined with specially formulated glue board to capture flies. The glueboard is positioned equidistantly from the lamp ensuring optimum efficiancy. Engineered by the market leading designers at Beihai unite, the F-35 Fly Trap uses the latest innovations incorporating electronic ballast and features 20 Watt UVa lamp. This technology ensures a higher, flicker free UVa output as well as a reduced running cost, resulting in a faster, insect catch when comparing it to similar traps in the market place.

Model F-35 features a side-hinged facia allowing for servicing and maintenance to take place with both hands free. In every way, Model F-35 is the realization of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control. Ideal for large indoor commercial areas: Hotel lobbies, Reception areas, Food processing Areas, commercial kitchens.


UNITEMFG uses cutting edge science to fly ahead of the competition.

1. UV-A Lamp Lifespan
Our Long-life UV-A Lamps need only be changed every two years and deliver nearly twice as much UV-A light as the nearest competitor - and last twice as long! With the UV-A light output optimised to perfectly match the house fly's vision spectrum this guarantees you catch more flies more quickly. The fluorescent powder used in the production of the lamps is water based, and no toxic Butyl compounds (as used in all other lamps) are employed.

2. UV-A Lamp Output - Targeted at the House Fly Vision Spectrum
The house fly vision spectrum is totally focused on observing UV-A light in the spectrum 300 – 420nm, peaking at about 365nm wavelength. The Long-life lamp closely matches this spectrum, thus optimising the attraction of flies. Other lamps provide significantly less UV-A light, which is spread over a wider spectrum, thus limiting their attraction and kill of flies. And other lamps only remain effective for 6 - 9 months at the most; compared to the two (2) years guaranteed effectiveness provided by the UNITEMFG Long-life lamp.

3. Natural UV-A Lighting Technology
House flies are naturally attracted by the UV-A light present in sunlight. Sunlight provides a constant source of light. Most UV-A Light Traps use a magnetic ballast and starter and operate at 50-60Hz. This means the actual light source is flashing on and off, fifty times a second. We cannot observe this; however flies, with their totally unique eye structure, see this as a flickering, less-than-natural light source. Model F-35 Fly Trap uses an exclusive High Frequency Electronic Light Pulse that operates at 10,000 cycles per second; so flies see our light as a constant beam, just like natural sunlight. Consequently far greater attraction is shown to the fly trap.

4. Natural Contrast Grid
The Model F-35 Fly Trap employ sided Natural Contrast Grids to mimic the natural way light is broken up when it shines through trees. Flies evolved 65 million years ago, seeking their food in tropical forests; so they are naturally attracted to areas of light and shade as this was how they located the food on which they fed.

5. Temperature Optimised glueboard
All the UNITEMFG Fly Traps use glueboards to trap flies in full compliance with Food Industry Guidelines. All glueboards are optimised to ensure total entrapment of the flies, even in tropical temperatures. A removable paper coating also ensures the boards can be quickly and simply replaced.

Features & Benefits:
-Eliminates large quantities of flies.
-24 Hour, non-chemical silent trapping.
-Customers unaware that it is a flying insect trap.
-Proprietary black light technology combined with special glue board.
-Specially engineered reflective panel.
-No scattered insect parts from electrocution and no hazards from chemical pesticides.
-Specially designed side louvers direct the black-light for maximum effectiveness
-It is environmentally friendly and meets applicable guidelines.

Input Voltage: 115V/230V main power
Light Output: 1X20watt
Peak Wavelength: 352nm
Dimensions: W235 X H860 X D250mm
Glueboard size: 570X145cm
Material: High quality metal construction
Weight: 6kg
Area Coverage: 300m2
Warranty: 5 years (excluding lamp and glue board)



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