F5 glue board fly trap


F-5 Fly Trap is a discreet and attractive unit specifically designed for front of house fly control, where both discretion and effectiveness are essential. It has a modern design that offers a stylish and effective way of controlling flying insects in public areas.

Product Features:

- Unique design features for low and high angle and sideways UVa transmission to attract more flies faster.
- Discreet glue board for trapping and retaining flying insects.
- Uses a single 6watt ultraviolet lamp.
- Glue Board life up to 4 months depending on environmental conditions and infestation.
- Simple glue board and tube replacement.
- For wall mounting or free standing.


Input voltage: 110 or 240Vac 50/60Hz

Light output: 1 x T5 6watt UV lamp

Coverage: 60m²

Dimensions: H262 x W365 x D130mm

Glueboard size: 228×130mm

Material: ABS

Weight: 670g

Color Available: 5 colours

Warranty: three years (excluding lamp and glue board)



To ensure optimum performance:

1. Glue board should be replaced at regular intervals, dependent on infestation levels.
2. Lamp should be replaced annually at the beginning of the fly season.





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