Fly Trap 

Model F-1 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Model F-1 fly trap attracts the flies with its UV lamp or UV LEDs stripe and captures them with a sticky glue board. This makes it a quiet solution for pest control compared to the electronic fly zappers as there is no electric buzzing or any insect explosions.

Model F-2 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Attracts and traps flies with a coverage of up to 100sqm, in a stylish, polished aluminium lamp design. Powerful 9 watt energy-saving U.V. bulb. Glue Boards are UV resistant and are pheromone enhanced. Wall-mount or Free-stand. Due to the design and effectiveness it is best when used in public places such as restaurants, businesses, factories.. etc.

Model F-3 Fly Trap (Indoor)

The slim design allows for easy placement without violating the need for an attractive solution to a pest problem. 1X18 watt ultraviolet lamps. Equipped with pheromone impregnated glue boards for enhanced fly attraction.

Model F-5 Fly Trap (Indoor)

When it comes to effectively controlling flying insects in front-of-house dining areas and other sensitive public locations, Model F-5 Fly Trap provides the ideal solution. It combines highly advanced technology along with an attractive contemporary design to minimize its visual environmental impact while maximizing flying insect catch.

Model F-6 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Effective, stylish and giving a faster, higher catch of flying insect pests than other conventional units, Model F-6 Fly Trap is the most cost-effective choice for flying insect control. Tool free, rotating front guard for quick, simple servicing. Designed for use with pheromone impregnated glueboards with UV stabilizer.

Model F-8 Fly Trap (Indoor)

Sleek, stylish, hygiene control. F-8 TRAP, one of the new breed of fly traps is a slim-line, discreet yet very efficient glue board fly killer. 2 x 24w high attraction, energy saver lamps and fully electronic lighting gear ensures low power consumption and negates the need for separate starters. In addition, the super sized glue board of 48X18 cm.

Model F-9 UV LED Fly Trap (Indoor)

The trap attracts flying insects with a strong UV LED light and captures them with a very innovative glueboard. The process is very simple, with no electric buzzing when insects are captured and without any insect explosion, which can occur with electronic fly zappers. It has a slim design and will provide protection for areas up to 70-80㎡.

Model F-35 Fly Trap (Indoor)

New design make Model F-35 fly trap the most stylish, discreet and effective solution for flying insect control in front-of-house locations. Powerful 20-watt UV Lamp and glue board for maximum protection. Maintain effective performance through easy, fast and safe servicing. High quality metal construction.

Fruit Fly Trap


Model-R870 Bug Vacuum

Bug Vacuum creates a stylish, high-powered suction that captures unwanted pests. Lightweight, easy to use. Remove insects from your home or office without contact. No more messy splatter on walls or ceilings. Includes safety cap to prevent escape of stinging insects for safe removal. Operates with 1 x 9V battery.